UpStream Wealth has the expertise to ensure sustainable business strategies are successfully integrated into a profitable business structure. Building and integrating them into your business equation has untold advantages. To name but a few:

·  Strong business platform - value for all stakeholders
·  Product & service innovation - adaptive to modern expectations
·  Smart strategies - capitalize on future market potential
·  Operating efficiencies - profiting from using less
·  Spirit in the workplace - that can't be bought
·  Loyal customers - buying because of the extra winner
·  Attention from the investment world.

Financial strength, employee engagement, customer commitment, industry leadership.
For evidence of these corporate wins see:
                                                   WHAT'S NEEDED - Win-Win Profitability
UpStream Wealth works to maximize the total value derived from each of the above benefits.  We work with three main client groups; established organizations, new organizations, and sector-wide initiatives.  Here are the highlights of the outcomes.

1. Established Organizations - Evolution from 20th to 21st century organizations.
From organizations that are ignoring the changing tides of consumer and investor desires.
To ones that reap the market rewards of efficiency, sustainability, and competitive advantage.

UpStream Wealth would:
·  Work with the main business drivers of your organization,
·  Help uncover and assess the single-bottom-line barriers to progress, and
·  Design a process to maximize the top triple-bottom-line opportunities.

2. New Organizations - Building 21st century organizations - by design.
From new organizations uncertain how to design sustainability into their business practices.
To ones that, by design have a solid triple-bottom-line business model in place.

UpStream Wealth would:
·  Hold the vision of what a 21st century company in your line of business
   could be, and
·  Support the management team in designing their version of the ideal    business model.

3. Sector-Wide Initiatives - Creating industry-wide solutions.
From industry sectors who's members are working in isolation, trying to integrate this transition.
To sectors that reinvent how their players evolve their business.

Many triple-bottom-line challenges are not being solved in isolation.  Networks of organizations in all sectors are discovering the role of industry initiatives and agreements.  UpStream Wealth would work with key sector players to:
·  Uncover where joint initiatives and agreements would bring the most value,   and
·  Rearchitect how some organization challenges are best solved collectively.

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