Most companies don't understand the idea of a triple-bottom-line. And so they ignore it.  And in doing so, they turn their backs on significant potential. Simply put, a triple-bottom-line is a measurement of a company's financial, human and natural capital performance.  A more complete picture of a company's worth, and therefore their potential wealth.

One of the many proofs of this turning tide is McDonald's.
"Of all the initiatives we've ever undertaken; marketing, employee satisfaction, customer appreciation… our sustainability initiative has won the top marks in all three of our most important categories; profitability, customers, employees.  It has saved us money as it has motivated us to streamline the waste out of our processes.  Our customers see and respect the genuine progress we are making.  And nothing has motivated our employees to come to work in the morning as much as their involvement in our sustainability goals."
                   Mats Lederhausen, at the time President, McDonald's Sweden,
                   promoted to Global Marketing, McDonald's Worldwide.

The reality is, no matter what drives your business…
              … customer desires, product innovation, share value,
           manufacturing efficiencies, marketing savvy, top talent retention…
                                                                                    … the logic is there.
The logic to manage better what you already have - your triple-bottom-line set of resources.

                  So Customers, Investors, Corporations are changing.
                                 What's driving them? - Earth