How are you managing the life time value of your customers?  One used to think just 2 or 3% of consumers were 'voting with their dollars'. That's an old statistic.  Environics International's CSR Monitor survey is letting the corporate world know otherwise.

In the last year (2002) 69% & 66% of Americans & Canadians respectively said they had punished or rewarded companies because of their social performance.  "Social" referring to both social and environmental.  "Rewarded" means buying products or speaking positively about the company, and "punished" means refusing to buy products or speaking critically about the company" (i.e. influencing others not to buy the product).  These numbers represent increases of 15% and 14% respectively in the last year alone.  There is evidence that environmental considerations seem to be settling in as a permanent part of the public consciousness.
                                                            Bob Willard, The Perfect Storm

Customers now understand that when they buy a product, they buy all the steps that went into its production.  Your customers don't want to purchase products that cost the earth.  If you're not sure of the impact of your product, then neither are your customers.  And this is a sign you need our services.

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