To evolve corporations one needs a different vantage point.  We need to go upstream to a higher vantage point, and add an extra variable to the economic equation.  Upstream Thinking happens from this perspective.  From here we design business for the 21st century.  From here we ask our business questions, derive better answers, and expand our definitions of wealth.

Creating a sustainable business model requires thinking upstream.

"What do we do with the garbage?"
"How do we design
the garbage
out of the system?"
"How can we be
more profitable?"
"How can our organization create wealth within all major capital areas?"
"How do we avoid lawsuits and damaging P.R.?"
"What's the smartest product/service that everyone can be proud of?"
"What is the cheapest raw material available?"
"How do we produce the highest value with the
lowest natural impact?"

"We need to rethink some of the fundamentals that are governing corporations; including what wealth means."
                                                       Joel Bakan, author of The Corporation

Incorporating an extra variable into the commerce equation is the ultimate design challenge.  And as humans, we love a design challenge. Often organizations find that this challenge once faced leads to opportunities they were unable to access from their original position.  Working with your executive, UpStream Wealth will help rethink the challenges and opportunities your company faces.

                          How do Corporations Win from this.