It used to be easy to please your customers and shareholders.  Deliver a good product and your customers were happy.  Make a profit and your shareholders were happy.

But the face of customers and investors is changing.  What they place value on is changing, and therefore where they place their valuable assets (and whether they become yours or not) is changing.

"Surveys indicate that consumers and investors on both ends of the political spectrum want to know not just what they're buying, but how it's produced. Hewlett-Packard, Tembec, Suncor - they're all getting the message."

       Report on Business, First-Ever Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking

Investors and customers, let alone employees and citizens, are not abandoning commerce for ecology, but simply demanding that they be integrated.  How does a corporation go about doing this?  Before we explore the answer to that, let's first look more closely at What's Changing.

              Let's start with What's Changing with your Customers.