When corporations go upstream to a higher vantage point and add an extra winner into the equation of commerce, they win in multiple ways.  In short, consciously choosing to integrate sustainable business strategies, leads to product and market innovation, higher attractiveness to your customer and community base, and increased commercial success.  This in turn leads to the retention of top talent, and investors, further augmenting success.
"Beyond philanthropy, VanCity is also developing socially and environmentally
responsible financial products… prime-plus-zero per-cent Clean Air Car Loan,
Living By Water loan program for shoreline improvement, and Green Business
Loans."                                                        Globe & Mail

"Vancouver City Savings Credit Union (VanCity) has added more than 20,000
members to its roster in the past year alone
, gains from practicing CSR and
being a leader in the financial sector."            Dave Mowat, CEO, VanCity
"Following earlier success at reducing PAH emissions in our smelters in Quebec, our researchers developed a revolutionary low-tar pitch that produces
an additional 47 per cent reduction in PAH.  Aside from the significant
environmental benefit, the low-tar pitch also eliminates the production of
related hazardous waste, thereby resulting in waste disposal savings of some
U.S.$500,000 annually.
"                               Travis Engen, CEO, Alcan Inc.

Wins in the manufacturing world have come in the form of product innovation,
significant financial savings, and healthier internal and external environments
for workers and communities alike.
"Husky built its reputation as being a good corporate citizen long before the
phrase corporate social responsibility (CSR) ever crossed anyone's lips.
Husky's ethical and environmental practices permeate the organization and
have earned it high regard and other rewards.  Absenteeism is below industry
averages; community relations are strong; other companies send teams to
observe the corporate culture.
"                      Globe & Mail

"Companies that rise to the challenge will recruit and retain the brightest
workers, maintain the trust and loyalty of their customers and business
partners, minimize their risks and liabilities, and secure long term competitive
advantage and commercial success."
         David Wheeler, Prof. Business and Sustainability, York University

"Transparency is the watchword of the day, and the mere mention of sweat-
shops would make a clothing manufacturer such as the Gap begin to look
anxiously at its bottom line.
·  General Motors is developing hydrogen-powered engines, and
·  DuPont has dramatically reduced its production of greenhouse gases and    hazardous waste.
·  McDonald's, an established proponent of waste reduction, is now exploring    the use of refrigerants that do not contain freon or hydrofluorocarbons,
·  Starbucks is putting increasing emphasis on shade-grown coffee in order to
   reduce the impact of bean growers on rain forests."
                                                                   Report on Business

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